All of the available homes and lots for sale in the new Crocus Hill have sold. If you'd like information about building a new in the Twin Cities or are looking for new home please contact Jim Seabold.



  • Which Style of Kitchen is Right for You?

    Are you redecorating your kitchen? Take this quiz to find out whether you should have a 'retro' or 'modern' kitchen. Or maybe a classic style is more suitable for you. Find out what kind of tiles would be ideal for your new project by answering the questions in this quiz from the Stone Superstore.

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  • Spring Has Sprung in Crocus Hill

    After the long, cold winter it's nice to finally have some warm days. Typical Minnesota winters go from below freezing temperatures to mid 70s in the span of a weekend. Hard to believe that last week we got nearly a foot of snow.

    The new homes in Crocus Hill are coming along very nicely. This is a shot from Fairmount looking towards Grotto. The siding on this new home in Crocus is nearly completed. Landscaping will be completed soon.

    There are still two lots available to build. If you'd like to learn more about building a new home in Crocus, and opportunity that rarely happens, please contact Jim Seabold at 651-225-4200.



  • NAHB Reveals Most Popular Features Found in New Homes

    NAHB, 2014 - During New Homes Month in April, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is sharing with home buyers the most popular features in new single-family homes in 2014. Builders from across the country were surveyed on what features they were most likely to include in a typical single-family home this year, revealing that convenience, livability and energy efficiency are top priorities.

    “Newly constructed homes can suit the specific requirements of today’s home buyers,” said NAHB Chairman Kevin Kelly, a home builder and developer from Wilmington, Del. “And now is a great time to consider buying a new home, as consumers can take advantage of competitive home prices and low interest rates to find the perfect new home for their families.”

    Home builders are including features that are practical and functional for the daily lives of today’s home buyers. The features that are most likely to be included in a typical single-family home this year are:

    a walk-in closet in the master bedroom

    low-e windows

    a laundry room and

    a great room.

    Energy efficiency is a key theme with Energy-Star rated appliances, programmable thermostats and Energy-Star rated windows at the top of the list. These features help make the home more comfortable and can save the home owner significant money over the long term. On a median per square-foot basis, home owners spent 78 cents per square foot per year on electricity, while owners of new homes spent 65 cents per square foot per year, according to data from the 2009 American Housing Survey (AHS).

    Builders also list features such as granite countertops, a double sink and a central island as winning elements in new-home kitchens, and a linen closet and a private toilet in the bathroom. Additional features likely to be included throughout the home include first-floor ceilings at least nine-feet high, a front porch, outdoor lighting and a patio.

    Home buyers can access home buying and home building information and resources on NAHB's website at nahb.org/forconsumers.



  • The Streets of St. Paul

    I grew up in Crocus Hill and like all residents of St. Paul I learned how to get around the city by memorization.

    I knew how to get around by landmarks.

    I walked to the Lower School each day. I crossed each street from Dale to Lexington and to this day I get all the streets mixed up. Does Grotto come before Avon or after it? Is Dunlap on the west side of Lexington or East side?

    It didn't matter because I didn't use the street names to get around.

    I was driving with my 11 year old daughter and she wondered about the odd street names in St. Paul. She said there is no rhyme or reason to the names. I gave her the answer I had been told years ago about our street names..that they were named by drunk Irishmen.

    I knew that wasn't the truth but it was an easier answer than going digging through the attic for my copy of the Street Where You Live by Donald Empson.

    There are a lot of wonderful books about the history of St. Paul but none of them are as informative and witty as this book. It's still in print and has been updated since it's original publication in 1975.

    If you're new to Crocus Hill and wonder about the rich history of this beautiful neighborhood you'll want to read through this wonderful guide the streets of St. Paul.




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